Hacking Your Autonomic Nervous System May 2020

In a tug-of-war between body and mind, the body always wins.








Even when we think it doesn’t.


This is because underneath our lived experience of the world is the response of our body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS). Our bodies are like an antenna, constantly receiving a stream of information from the world (of which we are not consciously aware) and automatically responding to it. Those responses are woven into our experience of the present. This happening comes about from the 400-million years of evolution that sits behind our bodies in this present moment and has been integrated into our DNA and brain structures over the mellenia.


Whenever we get anxiety, crack the shits, feel depressed, become overwhelmed, feel someone’s energy is dodgy, suffer addictions, or are having a sparkly time of life it is because our ANS has processed the information received and then conducted a symphony of biochemical processes that set the underlying emotional and energetic tone for our being.


After over 2-years of building and testing, I am rolling out now a powerful and unique experiential 4 - 4.5-hour interactive workshop that will support you to understand and map your own ANS. Over the course of the workshop you will:


  • Learn about Polyvagal theory, the three ANS states (and the two hybrid states).


  • Understand the neuroscience and biochemistry of conflict and connection.


  • Create four personalised maps that take you through the experience of each state (using both left and right brain), map who and what pushes your buttons and also map both your adaptive behaviours (i.e. what brings you into emotionally regulated, connected, safe and sparkly states of being) and maladaptive behaviours (i.e. what brings you into or deepens your emotionally dysregulated, disconnected, anxious, depressed and/ conflict heavy states of being where addictions play out). 


This workshop is brilliant for individuals, couples, families, groups and professional teams. Individuals learn about themselves and get to find and learn about (and begin to consciously control) the choices they didn’t know they were making that bring them out of flow, connection, productivity and creativity.


Couples, families, groups and professional teams learn about themselves and each other and, perhaps most powerfully, learn some things that we don’t ordinarily learn, such as how we and others actually experience life, what we truly need when we are off-centre and how to compassionately communicate with one another and get the best cut-through.


I’m nervous offering a new workshop during this time of uncertainty, but I have been refining this work for the last two years and know it can bring about tremendous insight and powerful shifts. Besides, even in these times, life goes on. 


For those of you somewhat familiar with Polyvagal theory and interpersonal neurobiology, my workshop integrates the cutting-edge works of Peter Levine, Deb Dana, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Stanley Rosenberg and Jaak Panksepp, among others and adds a dusting of my own refinements learned by delivering this process to around 200 people over the last two years.


In addition to this workshop and the Inner Critic and Saboteur course run by Sandy and I, I have over a dozen courses and workshops in active development that will transform one’s quality of life from codependent to empowered, purpose-centred, servant-leadership in a logical and graduated journey. These will be rolled out over the next two years. Each of these offerings is being painstakingly engineered using the very best information available. This polyvagal mapping workshop is the foundational piece that is built upon over the entire journey and will itself transform your understanding of yourself and others.





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