Returning from Jedi School

October 15, 2017

After spending time chilling in Sri Lanka, it's a soul-filling change of pace to be immersed in Jedi-school in Thailand. 


My take on Jedi-school is a three-pronged approach to complimenting my formal Western education by exploring the holistic paradigms of yoga (Kashmiri Shivaism), Process-oriented Psychology and shamanic training from both anthropological, scientific and traditional sources. These three paradigms all say essentially the same things in slightly different ways. 


One of the deepest lessons I learned from my Ph.D. was that not all valid knowledge is 'rational' and 'empiricist' in the Western sense. More than that, the emergence of 'scholar-practitioners' is a direct response to the intrinsically unbalanced inquiry made by formal Western educational approaches, which is why I am here doing what I'm doing...bringing the same discipline and rigorous approach that earned me my Ph.D. to exploring cultivated internal states and framing my insight against coherent metaphysical perspectives that are congruent with my values.


Deepening my practice and understanding of yoga whilst continuing to study Process-orientated psychology and seeing clients both in person and over Skype is humbling and delightful. 

 Pic 1: Main yoga hall at Agama.

 Pic 2: Sunset on Koh Phangan.

 Pic 3: Archetypal image of tantric polarity.

The work I'm doing here folds back into all my client-based interactions and creative outputs, whether it's psychotherapy sessions, mediation, research work or playing music.

Today I'm exactly half-way through my time here this round (and also exactly half-way through my juice fast) and I'm super grateful and sending love to my tribe, wherever you may be in the world.

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