Unleash Your Greatness: Taming Your Inner Critic and Saboteur

January 23, 2020

Hi everyone, 

Sandy Farac and I have been running our live and fully interactive inner critic and saboteur course (called Unleash Your Greatness: Taming Your Inner Critic and Saboteur) for the last three weeks, which leaves us one more week to go. We are delighted to have people in this course from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hawaii and the UK. Such diversity makes for a very rich learning environment!


This course was fully subscribed and we are really happy with the transformation people are getting. One makes offering this program so rich for is the happiness and growth of our participants. Here are some of the comments made before we closed the circle on Wednesday:


“I have so much more awareness and that's so empowering. I feel light.”


“At the moment I have visibility over the stories that have ruled my life.”


“I feel warm and fuzzy all over. I feel centred. I feel a sense of peace.”


“Being able to take a deeper dive into the inner critic was very revealing and different than previous work I have done.”


This feedback was sent to us after the last webinar:


“I recommend this course to people. I gained the awareness and tools to support myself to replace dysfunctional patterns with better ones. I learned about what is happening in my subconscious, and find ways to bring that through to conscious reality - therefore, more internal alignment and a bigger range of choices.”


Our course has brought new insight to people who have ‘worked on themselves’ for over 25-years and has also been powerful for those who had not really done any inner work before. This is because we spent over a year honing the material (which we continue to do) and run this course as live and fully interactive webinars with two qualified psychotherapists. We run this course with a maximum group size of 12 ensuring everyone receives personal attention. With over 15-years of experience in adult education we are able to meet our participants wherever they are at and support them to take their next steps and integrate their learning: from head-based cognition to body-centred wisdom.



“Amar's experience in facilitation is evident in his ability to sense the needs of individuals and the group as they present and evolve in each session, and adapt the content and format accordingly.”


“Amar was great - he's capacity to flow and roll in real time with what comes up in the moment is fantastic and allows for the whole experience to feel like a collaborative experience rather than a routine.”


“Sandy led me to a place that awoke me. Her calming soothing voice made me feel safe throughout.”



“Sandy offered me support and care. I especially appreciated her invitation for critique throughout, and taking people's requests on board immediately.”


In response to the positive results our participants are gaining, we will be running this course again in March on two dates:


Wednesday March 4,11, 18 and 25 at 7pm-9/9:30pm Australian Eastern Summer Time, and;

Saturday 7,14, 21 and 28 at 10:00am-12/12:30pm Eastern Summer Time.


We have a range of pricing options, ranging from attending the Webinars only, to webinars with one-on-one sessions in between the group webinars to offer the highest level of support for your lasting transformation. Payment plans are also available.


Forming an inner critic and saboteur is a natural part of life, and learning how to tame them is the key to experiencing freedom and Unleashing Your Greatness!


Message either of us for more details or to secure a place in our March intake.



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